iDigital Radio covers 98% of Australia. That's about 40% more coverage than main market FM Radio and 78% more coverage than DAB+.
Compatible with every smart device.
Compatible with every computer.
TV viewing has dropped by 6% in the last 5 years, with 16-39 years
olds abandoning it in droves. On the other hand Internet use by
14-25 year olds doubled from 18 per cent in 2002 to 36 per cent in
SOURCE: TV ratings group OzTAM

Generation Y has technology based media consumption habits and if
current media providers fail to realise this they risk being left behind.
81.5 per cent own an MP3 player
89.3 per cent own a computer
98.6 per cent own a mobile phone
98.5 per cent use the internet regularly
SOURCE: Life lounge Urban Market Research 2007 for 16-30 year olds

On average people were listening to radio on the internet for two
hours and 42 minutes a week on mobiles for one hour and 41 minutes
and via pod casts for 54 minutes.
SOURCE: Austereo Internet Radio Research 2007

SOURCE: ACMA 2009, Growing Up in Australia; The Longitudinal Study of
Australian Children and Media and Communications in Australian Families 2007.
SOURCE: ACMA: Australia in the digital economy Consumer
engagement in e-commerce November 2010
SOURCE: ACMA May 2011  Emerging business models in the
digital economy-The mobile applications market
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